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Acura Integra Blitz Body Kit Mitsubishi Eclipse Blitz Body Kit Honda Civic Blitz Body Kit

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BLITZ BODY KITS - Product Guide


How this kit began moving a little fast and furious!

In 1999, the hit movie "The Fast and the Furious" hit movie theaters at light speed and causing a wake of new trends in the import tuning scene at light speed. In the opening moments of the movie, actor Paul Walker blazes down a lonely strip of highway clocking his Mitsubishi Eclipse in a quarter mile time trial, nearly wrecking his beautiful machine in the end.

The gorgeous green Mitsubishi Eclipse Walker was driving started a new trend in automotive styling. The kit on the car was the Blitz body kit. The kit is a semi aggressive aerodynamics package that is signified by its drift style inlets on both sides of the front bumper but with an indented center section that causes two sharp ridges on each side of the bumper. This hot new kit became the latest sensation to join the many body kits on the market making waves in the import tuning scene. The styling of the kit is sexy and curvacious, with a nose that looks good for both air inducted engines as well as front mount intercooled applications.

The Blitz kit generally comes with front bumper, side skirts and rear bumper. Some Blitz style body kits are made with matching sideskirts and rear bumper, like on the 2nd and 3rd generation Mitsubishi Eclipse models. The popularity of this kit has made it a hot topic in several tuning communities. There are also several replica applications that use the Black Widow style rear bumper and sideskirts. The popularity of this kit has created a great demand and several styles are availible in both fiberglass and urethane for the Eclipse. Most Honda Civic and Accord models have Blitz body kits availible as well.

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Before you purchase your body kit or during shipping time, it is a good idea to make sure that you have a qualified installer for your body kit. If you are purchasing a fiberglass kit, it is especially important to find one that can specifically deal with the alterations that may be required to fit your kit correctly. Fiberglass kits in general need some finishing work during installation, such as sanding, primering, filling pinholes/gaps, trimming or shaving. Many times, our customers are charged more than they should if they use a shop who is not familiar with altering fiberglass because of the additional time involved.

Also be sure that whoever is recieving the kit inspects the contents of the box before they sign for it. Although most shipments are recieved undamaged, it is possible that your shipment may be. Because we are not in control of the freight company and thier policies, you must inspect the kit before you sign for it and if it is damaged either refuse the kit and note it on the delivery invoice so that we can file a claim for you.

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