2010-12 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Seibon/APR Carbon Fiber Aerodynamics Package

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2010-12 Hyundai Genesis Coupe APR/Seibon Carbon Fiber Aerodynamics Package - reduce weight and maximize aerodynamics with this race ready package, includes APR racing carbon fiber front air dam, APR racing carbon fiber side rocker extensions, APR racing GTC-300 adjustable carbon fiber rear spoiler, Seibon SC carbon fiber hood and Seibon OEM carbon fiber trunk. Price includes shipping to any address in the continental USA. Please call in to order.

Seibon –

Bodykitz has carried Seibon brand products since the inception of the company in 2004 due to their high quality and unique product line. Seibon specializes in manufacturing carbon fiber racing products for a broad range of high end and tuning vehicles aimed at both show quality looks and high performance weight reduction. Seibon products include carbon fiber hoods, trunks, doors, spoilers, fenders, ground effects parts, mirrors and more. All Seibon products are made from high grade US or French made carbon fiber with a multi-step quality control process to ensure the highest level of manufacturing. Their in-house design team introduces and maintains proprietary designs for a wide and growing variety of sport compact and tuning applications.

SEIBON Carbon components have been featured in television shows, in movies, at racing events, on magazine covers, and at national and regional auto shows. More importantly, SEIBON carbon fiber parts continue to be demanded by knowledgeable enthusiasts on all five continents. With active dealers located in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Korea, Greece, Russia, Switzerland, Dubai, Singapore, among others, we compete successfully on a global basis. Seibon cars and products are prominently featured and promoted each year at the SEMA show in Las Vegas.

Seibon products feature a clear coat warranty and fitment guarantee ensures satisfaction and confidence. Their design team consistently works to bring only the best carbon fiber products to the industry. The Seibon R&D department is deeply committed to utilizing cutting-edge technology and listening carefully to suggestions so that we can continue to meet the needs of this ever-changing market. Passion and pride is an integral component of every carbon part produced by Seibon.

For more information on Seibon products please visit: http://www.seiboncarbon.com


APR Side Rocker Extensions are the next step to help aerodynamically tune the handling fo a car. Made of lightweight and durable carbon fiber composites, APR Side Rocker Extensions help reduce lift at high speeds by preventing air at the sides of the car from rolling underneath the car. The reduced lift helps to stabilize the car during high-speed cornering and helps to increase traction for faster lap times.


  • Carbon Fiber Construction
    All APR Side Rocker Extensions are made in carbon fiber composites for lightweight and high strength.
  • Vehicle Specific Design
    APR Side Rocker Extensions are designed and manufactured for specific vehicles for perfect fitment.
  • Mounting Hardware Included
    Screws, nuts, and washers are included to allow you to install the APR Side Rocker Extensions to your car.

Underbody components such as front air dams, undertrays, and rear diffusers are essential for maximizing aerodynamic performance. The APR Performance Front Air Dam integrates with the factory front bumper to:

- Reduce lift.
- Increase front-end stability.
- Improve high-speed cornering grip

This Front Air Dam also utilizes a built-in aerodynamic splitter design that creates a high-pressure region of air atop the protruding surface, further reducing lift and increasing net downforce.

With a span of 67 or 61 inches and a height of 13 inches, the GTC-300 is an adjustable wing that means serious business. The GTC-300 3D airfoil shape allows for optimal airflow that reduces drag yet supplies an effective amount of downforce. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis was performed on this wing to support validation of its aerodynamic design. The results of this analysis are available here.

Each GTC Series airfoil is composed of lightweight and durable carbon fiber composite. Supporting the carbon fiber airfoils are 10mm "aircraft grade" 6061 billet aluminum pedestals that come in a flat black powder coat finish.

Center section to outer section angle difference: 15 degrees

Click here to see some guidelines regarding where to set the wing angle. The example shown in this link is for the GTC-300, but the same concepts also apply to the GTC-500 and GTC-200.

Gurney Flaps
Gurney flaps are now available for all of APR's GTC-series (200/300/500) wings. These are super lightweight, made in carbon fiber using the pre-pregnated carbon process, and conform perfectly to the contours of the GTC-series 3D airfoils. They are easily attached using the included double-sided tape.

The Gurney flap (a.k.a. wickerbill) is an aerodynamic device that was originally pioneered and developed in the 1970s by a racing driver named Dan Gurney. Unbeknownst to his competition, this device was used to increase downforce while minimizing increase in drag. He found that not only did this device increase the lift/drag (L/D) ratios, it also increased the stalling angles (so he could operate the airfoils at greater pitch angles). It took a few years for everyone else to catch on to its purpose, and now, the Gurney flap (or similar device) can be seen in race cars and even airplanes all over the world.