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TRUCK BODY KITS - Reviews, Pics, Articles, Information

During the last year, we have witnessed an exponential growth of aftermarket body kits and exterior styling parts for truck and SUV owners. Last year, 22 to 26 inch tires with spinners became the latest rage but just as soon as that trend became in full swing began a whole new era of truck and SUV trends in the form of Body Kits and Ground Effects. This year at SEMA, we noticed two new emerging markets. The trends that really caught our eye were automotive plasma TVs in the trunks and interiors of many of the hottest cars, and that of beefy ground effects and body kits for trucks that are built for more show than go.

The front runners of the SUV and Truck body kit trend has always been Sarona Design, a New York City based aerodynamics and ground effects manufacturer that specializes in high end and uncommon kits on the market. Sarona has made a name for itself by offering body kits for elitist cars such as Caddilac CTS, Jaguar XJ8, BMW X5, BMW 7 Series and more. Sarona has recently stunned the automotive market with a new line of SUV and Truck body kits for vehicles such as Chevy Tahoe, GMC Denali, Cadillac Escalade and Ford Explorer models.

These new SUV and truck ground effects kits help to fill in the void left by upgrading your vehicle with large wheels and tires. Sarona hand lays several layers of fiberglass to create a strong and well fitting pieces. Generally all Sarona kits include a front bumper, side skirts and rear bumper but also offer such additions as fiberglass hoods and fenders with stylish and functional vents. Several of Saronas truck body kits include styling lines similar to last years best selling Honda body kit, the R34 (named after the looks of Nissans R34 Skyline).

Extreme Dimensions has also come out with several new replica kits similar to those from Sarona. Because of thier widespread market capitalization, Extreme Dimensions is able to offer a lot of these kits at a great price. Extreme Dimension own line of Drift style body kits has a few truck applications such as the Drift kit for the Toyota Tacoma and Chevy S10.


  • Caddilac Escalade Truck Body Kits
  • Chevy Tahoe, GMC Yukon and S-10 Truck Body Kits
  • Ford Expedition, Explorer and F150 Truck Body Kits (Coming Soon)
  • Lincoln Navigator Truck Body Kits (Coming Soon)
  • Toyota Tacoma Truck Body Kits (Coming soon)


Before you purchase your body kit or during shipping time, it is a good idea to make sure that you have a qualified installer for your body kit. If you are purchasing a fiberglass kit, it is especially important to find one that can specifically deal with the alterations that may be required to fit your kit correctly. Fiberglass kits in general need some finishing work during installation, such as sanding, primering, filling pinholes/gaps, trimming or shaving. Many times, our customers are charged more than they should if they use a shop who is not familiar with altering fiberglass because of the additional time involved.

Also be sure that whoever is recieving the kit inspects the contents of the box before they sign for it. Although most shipments are recieved undamaged, it is possible that your shipment may be. Because we are not in control of the freight company and thier policies, you must inspect the kit before you sign for it and if it is damaged either refuse the kit and note it on the delivery invoice so that we can file a claim for you.

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Truck: Definition from Wikipedia

A truck is a motor vehicle for transporting goods. The word "truck" comes from the Greek "trochos", meaning "wheel". In America, the big wheels of wagons were called trucks. When the petrol engine driven trucks came into fashion, these were called "motortrucks". Slowly the word motor in front of truck disappeared.

Unlike automobiles, which usually have a unibody construction, most trucks (with the exception of the car-like minivan) are built around a strong frame called a chassis. They come in all sizes, from the automobile-sized pickup truck to towering off-road mining trucks or heavy highway semi-trailers.

The term is most commonly used in American English and Australian English to refer to what earlier was called a motor truck, and in British English is often called a lorry, a Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV), or a wagon (sometimes spelled waggon). This type of truck is a motor vehicle designed to carry goods, with a cab and a tray or compartment for carrying goods. Other languages have loanwords based on these terms, such as the Malay lori.

In Australia and New Zealand a small truck with an open back is called a ute (short for "utility vehicle") and the word "truck" is reserved for larger vehicles.

Pantechnicon is a disused British word for a furniture removal van. It was originally coined in 1830 as the name of a craft shop or bazaar, in Motcomb Street in Belgravia, London; the name is Greek for "pertaining to all the arts or crafts". The shop soon closed down and the building was turned into a furniture warehouse, but the name was kept. Vehicles transporting furniture to and from the building, known as pantechnicon vans, soon came to be known simply as pantechnicons.

A Pantech truck or van is a word derivation of "pantechnicon" commonly currently used in Australia. A pantech is a truck and/or van with a freight hull made of (or converted to) hard panels (i.e. for chilled freight, removal vans, etc).