An overview of VEILSIDE body kits and ground effects

Its no suprise that so many aerodynamics manufacturers aspire to be like Veilside. This Japanese company is impressive to say the least and offers a wide range of top tier automotive parts such as body kits and ground effects, wheels, exhaust systems, suspension systems and more. Veilside, while based out of Japan, also now has a US distributorship and website.

Aside from Wings West, Veilside is probably the most well known and aesthetically pleasing ground effects manufacturers known here in the west. Several companies such as Extreme Dimensions, Performance Styling, Ground Dynamics and VIS racing have created fiberglass replications of several of Veilsides kits. Most replica kits of Veilside ground effects are known under the name "Invader" or "Vader".

Original Veilside kits are generally hard to come by and on the upper end of the price scale. Most kits from Veilside, such as the Toyota MR2 "Fortune" widebody kit include many additional add ons to complete the transformation from the standard. Some of these options include a custom exhuast system, modified hood or fenders, custom spoiler and more.

Veilside does an excellent job of creating body kits that are subtle and stylish yet far from conventional. Veilside kits make an obvious change from the original lines of the car but keep the vehicles still classy looking. If you in line with the price of Veilside kits and you dont mind the wait, your already a cut above the rest.


Veilside kits are now availible in the USA. Please call for more information and pricing on Veilside kits.

Our Favorite Veilside Body Kit Applications:

  • Subaru Imprezza CI Model Body Kit
  • Mazda RX-8 Ver.1 Model Body Kit
  • Mazda RX-7 VS D1 GT Model Body Kit
  • Lexus GS430/400/300 Executive Sports Edition Ground Effects Kit
  • Lexus SC400/300 Executive Sports Model Body Kit
  • Honda S2000 Millenium Model Body Kit
  • Honda/Acura Integra Racing Edition Body Kit
  • Toyota MRS/MR2 Fortune Widebody Kit


Please Call us for pricing on any Veilside Kits. Veilside kits are sold through our distributorship, please allow 4 weeks delivery time on all original Veliside products.

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