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Wide Body Kits - The latest trend in show cars

Over the last few years, a new trend in import tuning has emerged: The Widebody Kit. Exterior styling accessories such as body kits, ground effects and lip kits have been a big part of the import tuning industry for the better part of a decade however followin the new drifting trend on the Japanese racing circuit has followed with that of the Wide Body Kit. A widebody kit is simply a body kit which widens the stance of the car by replacing the stock fenders or by adding fender flares and overlays. By wideing the stance of the car body through the use of a widebody kit, the car can now support wider and lower profile racing wheels for added stability on the track.

Most widebody kits are build for show use or for track racing only. These kits are made of lightweight fiberglass, urethane or carbon fiber. Widebody kits are generally much more expensive than a standard 4 peice body kit because of the extra materials. Widebody kits also require more work in installation than a standard body kit by molding the fender flares to the body or by replacing the fenders and rear quarter panels. Some wide body kits also add several other pieces in addition to the front and rear flares/fenders such as door panels, front and rear diffusers, spoilers or other peices.

When choosing a wide body kit for your car, it is important to select the right kit for your car. This guide gives a more in depth look at the different types of widebody kits availible for purchase.


To purchase any of the availible widebody kits, please click on the following links to access our online shopping cart. These are some of the more popular wide body kits availible, to see our complete listing enter our online catalog.

Veilside Wide Body Kits:

Wings West Widebody Kit

Chargespeed / Pure / Roja

AIT Racing Widebody Kit

Extreme Dimensions Wide Body Kits


Buddy Club 2 Widebody Kits



Track Wide Body Kits - Our favorite track wide body kits come from Japanese manufacturer Chargespeed. These imported widebody kits include front bumpers with carbon steps, sideskirts, door caps, fender flares and rear quarter panels. Chargespeed kits have become a cult hit in Japan and have gathered quite a following here in the USA for S2000 and WRX tuners.

Show Car Wide Body Kits - Veilside has released a line of widebody conversion kits known as the Veilside Fortune Wide Body. These ultra exlusive kits not only widen the stance of the car, but give the vehicle a complete facelift. The Fortune wide body for the RX7, Toyota MRS and Acura NSX give each of those vehicles the look of a true exotic, but with a pricetag.

Street Wide Body Kits - Our favorite body ktis for street use are from domestic manfuacturer Wings West. These wide body kits are just regular body kits but with additional fender flares and door caps that are made of urethane and built to be intalled by most professional body shops to ease in the installation. The urethane material is more durable for street and general purpose usage.

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Before you purchase your body kit or during shipping time, it is a good idea to make sure that you have a qualified installer for your body kit. If you are purchasing a fiberglass kit, it is especially important to find one that can specifically deal with the alterations that may be required to fit your kit correctly. Fiberglass kits in general need some finishing work during installation, such as sanding, primering, filling pinholes/gaps, trimming or shaving. Many times, our customers are charged more than they should if they use a shop who is not familiar with altering fiberglass because of the additional time involved.

Also be sure that whoever is recieving the kit inspects the contents of the box before they sign for it. Although most shipments are recieved undamaged, it is possible that your shipment may be. Because we are not in control of the freight company and thier policies, you must inspect the kit before you sign for it and if it is damaged either refuse the kit and note it on the delivery invoice so that we can file a claim for you.

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